Joint IMF (Fiscal Affairs Department) and TARC Conference

Tax Administration and Tax Policy Responses to COVID-19 

Full details of the conference programme are available here

The COVID-19 pandemic has been disrupting economies and society on a scale never witnessed before.  This two-day virtual event brought together practical experience from policymakers and frontier academic research by scholars, focusing on the lessons learned from the actions taken by governments to understand the role of the tax system in responding to a shock like COVID-19.

Our speakers and panelists included some of the leading names in tax policy and administration - please see below for details of the speakers' papers and presentations - recordings of each of the sessions will be posted here shortly. 

For details of the participants' biographies, please see here

DAY 1: Thursday 2nd December 2021


Giulia Mascagni

The Tax Side of the Pandemic: Compliance Shifts, Tax Relief and Options to fund Recovery in Rwanda

Paper here
Presentation here
Recording here

Alessandro di Nola
University of Konstanz
Rescue Policies for Small Businesses in the COVID-19 Recession Paper here
Presentation here
Recording here
Gabriel Tourek
University of Pittsburgh
Impacts of COVID-19 on Firms in Access to Inputs and Final sales is Likely to Impact VAT Enforcement and Revenues Paper here
Presentation here
Recording here
Alexander Klemm
Pandemic and Progressivity Paper here
Presentation here
Recording here
Sir Tim Besley
London School of Economics
Plenary Lecture: State Capacity and the Role of government During a Pandemic Presentation here
Recording here
Chair: Vitor Gaspar
Sir Tim Besley (LSE)
Michael Keen (University of Tokyo)
Joel Slemrod (University of Michigan)
Rhoda Weeks-Brown (IMF)
Round Table Discussion:
Tax Policy During and After the Pandemic: Opportunities and Challenges
Paper here
Presentation here
Recording here

DAY 2: Friday 3rd December












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