International Fellows

Tax Administration Research Centre brings together leading researchers from across the globe.





James Alm

Professor and Chair of Economics

Tulane University

United States

Peter Birch Sørensen

Professor of Economics

University of Copenhagen


Richard Bird

Professor Emeritus

University of Toronto


Kim Bloomquist

Senior Economist

Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) Office of Research

United States

Valerie Braithwaite

Professor of Regulatory Institutions Network

The Australian National University


Brian Erard

Consultant specialising in economics and statistics


United States

Chris Evans

Professor of Taxation

University of New South Wales


Norman Gemmell

Chair in Public Finance

Victoria University of Wellington

New Zealand

John Hasseldine

Professor of Accounting

University of New Hampshire

United States

Michael Keen

Deputy Director of Fiscal Policy

International Monetary Fund

United States

Erich Kirchler

Professor of Psychology and Vice Dean of the Faculty of Psychology

University of Vienna


Emer Mulligan

Personal Professor in Taxation and Finance

National University of Ireland, Galway


Gareth Myles

Professor of Economics and Head of School

University of Adelaide


James Poterba

Mitsui Professor of Economics

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

United States

Adrian Sawyer

Professor of Taxation University of Canterbury New Zealand

Joel Slemrod

Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy

Ross School of Business &  University of Michigan Business School

United States

Richard Stern

Programme Manager, Business Taxation at World Bank

World Bank

United States

Binh Tran-Nam

Professor of Taxation 

UNSW/RMIT University Australia/Vietnam