Ufuk Gergerlioğlu

Ufuk Gergerlioğlu is a Turkish academic researcher born in Hamburg, Germany. He graduated from Public Finance Department at the Faculty of Economics of Istanbul University in 1996. From 1999 till 2004 he worked as an accountant in the private sector. Gergerlioğlu got a master degree in Strategic Marketing and Brand Management Program at Institute of Social Sciences at Bahçeşehir University in 2007. Between the years of 2009-2015 he worked as a research assistant at Department of International Business, Trade Faculty of Commercial Sciences at Yeditepe University in Turkey. At the same time, he obtained his doctorate degree in Public Finance Program at Institute of Social Sciences at Istanbul University in 2014. He has been working as an academic in the Department of Public Finance at Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at Hitit University since 2015. Gergerlioğlu teaches subjects like Turkish Tax System, Taxation Policy, Tax Penal Law, Tax Judgement, Taxation in Capital Companies, Applied Tax Psychology. He is interested in the topics like tax compliance and tax consciousness within the scope of tax psychology.