Upcoming visitors to the Tax Administration Reseach Centre:


Lijun Yin

Minjiang university, Fuzhou, China

Associate Professor Public finance; taxation 04/05/17 - 01/05/18
Adrian Sawyer University of Canterbury, New Zealand Professor Behavioural tax compliance & tax administration, International taxation (including DTAs and TIEAs) 07/09/2017 - 17/09/2017
Robert Schwager University of Gottingen Professor Public Finance 11/09/17 - 15/09/17
Till-Arne Hahn Queens Univertity PhD Student Taxation October 2017


Previous visitors to the Tax Administration Research Centre:

NameInstitutionPositionResearch area
Mohammed Abdullahi Umar Universiti Utara, Malaysia PhD Student Taxation, tax administration, tax compliance and socioeconomic development
Nicolas Boccard University of Girona, Spain Associate Professor Electricity and networks, energy, renewables, industrial, organization, contract theory, corporate, finance, market microstructure, insurance markets, urban economics, political economy
Suleyman Bolat Aksaray University, Turkey Associate Professor Fiscal policy and taxation, public sector economics, unemployment, inflation, public finance
John Conley Vanderbilt University, US Professor of Economics Public economics, cooperative game theory, non-cooperative
game theory, general equilbrium
Kate Cuff McMaster University, Canada Associate Professor Optimal taxation, fiscal federalism, tax competition
Elena Del Rey University of Girona, Spain Associate Professor Microeconomic theory, education finance and policy
Chris Evans UNSW, Australia Professor of Taxation Comparative taxation, capital and wealth taxation, tax law and administration, tax policy and reform
Brett Freudenberg Griffith Business School, Australia Associate Professor Tax transparent companies; tax and closely held businesses; arts tax reform; taxation of Islamic finance
Norman Gemmell Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand Chair in Public Finance Public finance (taxation, public expenditure and public debt)
and economic growth
Hubert Kempf Paris School of Economics, France Professor of Economics Public economics, macroeconomics
Kaisa Kotakorpi University of Turku, Finland Professor Behavioural public economics, taxation, public services,
regulation, p
olitical economy
Dominika Langenmayr KU Eichstatt-Ingolstadt, Germany Assistant Professor Taxation, taxation of multinational firms
Soojin Lee Vienna University of Business & Economics, Austria PhD student International business taxation
Alicja Majdanska Vienna University of Business & Economics, Austria Associate Researcher Tax, tax law
Moseki Maleka University of South Africa, South Africa Senior Lecturer Income tax law, capital gains tax, law of contract and sports law
Bronwyn McCredie Queensland University of Technology, Australia Lecturer Financial law, taxation and regulation
Xuming Mi Schenzhen University, China Associate Professor Corporation tax, property tax
Nina Olson Internal Revenue Service, US US Taxpayer Advocate Taxpayer rights
Mark Phillips University of Southern California, US Assistant Professor of Economics Public finance, tax compliance, policy salience,
applied microeconomics
Hiroyuki Sano Otaru University, Japan Professor of Economics Tax competition, Fiscal externality, Fiscal federalism, Rent-seeking
Toru Takemoto Tezukayama University, Japan Associate Professor of Economics Local tax systems
Ayse Uyduranoglu Bilgi University, Turkey Associate Professor Environmental economics
Myrna Wooders Vanderbilt University, US Professor Public economics, game theory and microeconomic theory