Pei Sun

Ageing Economics, Health Economics

The process of population ageing is dramatically increasing the demand for long-term care in many countries. The potential costs of providing care have become a major concern for both governments and households. The underlying economic question is how adequate real resources can be accumulated to support the long-term care needs of an increasingly elderly population.

The ongoing research of Pei Sun focuses on theoretical development of long-term care spending, where not only the individual’s saving and spending behaviour is studied, but also how they differ under different saving levels or means-testing policies. The research is aiming to give rational suggestions on public health policies.

Pei’s interests also lie on empirical studies of elderly’s health and financial status.

Previous Qualifications: MSc Financial Economics (University of Exeter); Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (Plymouth University); Bachelor of Economics (China Agriculture University, China)

Research interests: Ageing Economics, Health Economics