PhD Students

Here is a list of PhD students who have access to Centre's resources and expertise or are directly funded by TARC.


Research area


Zakir Akhand SME compliance in the UK Lynne Oats
Lynda Burkinshaw Small UK tax practitioners Lynne Oats
Carmel Said Formosa Tax compliance in Malta Lynne Oats

Yaming Han

Taxation, public economics

Christos Kotsogiannis

Kritchasorn Jarupasin Public expenditure and economic growth in developing countries Gareth Myles
Martin Kalata Transfer pricing and intangibles Lynne Oats
Clare Smith Tax avoidance, BEPS and oil and gas Lynne Oats
Pei Sun Ageing economics, health economics Gareth Myles
Festo Tusubira SME tax compliance in Uganda Lynne Oats