Kim Bloomquist

Kim M. Bloomquist is a Senior Economist with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service's Office of Research, a position he has held since 1999. Mr. Bloomquist has worked as an economist with the U.S. government in various capacities including in the IRS Chicago Office, with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Illinois (Chicago) and Georgia (Savannah) and with the U.S. Peace Corps in El Salvador, Central America. Mr. Bloomquist’s academic training reflects an interdisciplinary outlook with undergraduate training in Economics from the University of Michigan, two Master’s degrees from the University of Illinois (Economic Geography and Urban Planning) and a recently completed (2012) Ph.D. in Computational Social Science from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. The topic of his dissertation is: Agent Based Simulation of Tax Reporting Compliance.

Mr. Bloomquist has authored and coauthored numerous papers and book chapters on a broad range of topics including agent-based simulation, economic analysis of taxpayer compliance, cost-benefit analysis of water resources projects, and socio-economic impact assessment of military base realignment and closure. His research has been cited in Congressional testimony, the Washington Post, and various trade publications, such as Tax Notes, International Tax Notes and Econ Focus (formerly Region Focus, a quarterly publication of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond). He has received several awards for his research on tax compliance including the OECD's Jan Francke tax research award in 2003, the Cedric Sandford medal for best paper at the 7th International Conference on Tax Administration in Sydney, Australia in 2006 and the IRS Research Community Award for Research Technical Expertise in 2009.

His current research interests focus on the development of large-scale agent-based models for tax administration. Mr. Bloomquist is married to Sharon and they reside in Fairfax, Virginia.