Chris Evans

Chris Evans is Professor of Taxation and former Head of the Australian School of Taxation (Atax). He specialises in comparative taxation, capital and wealth taxation, tax law and administration, tax policy and reform. His PhD from UNSW was a comparative study of the operating costs of taxing capital gains. He also holds a master’s degree in European Political Integration from Leicester University and a Bachelor’s Honours degree in Economics from London University, as well as postgraduate educational qualifications from Leeds University. 

Chris is an International Research Fellow at Oxford University, an International Fellow of the Exeter University –Institute for Fiscal Studies Tax Administration Research Centre, an Extraordinary Professor at the University of Pretoria  and has been a Visiting Professor at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand and the Vienna University of Business and Economics, Austria and various other universities. He has researched and published extensively in taxation, and is a co-author of Australian Taxation Law and Cooper & Evans on CGT. He is a former General Editor of Australian Tax Review and Editorial Board member of other journals. He has served on a number of governmental and professional body committees and working parties in Australia and overseas, including the UK’s Mirrlees Committee and the HMRC International Panel on tax administration.